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Touchless Aggressive Wash Chemicals

Our high-performance cleaning solutions are trusted
by industry leaders and are designed to help commercial cleaning businesses.

It reduces cleaning time and effort, saves on chemical supplies,and achieves greater profitability.

1 Step Touchless

1 Step Touchless

(Dynamite Touchless)

  • Dynamite Touchless (high pH/Alkaline) is a great choice for one-step touchless cleaning.


  • 90% of vehicles can be cleaned with a single
    application of Dynamite Touchless.


  • For a better touchless technique, the fleet should be washed on a consistent basis. If a truck is rarely
    washed, the buildup may be too heavy to remove without brushing.


  • When a truck hasn’t been washed often, or if it travels
    on particularly dirty routes, it’s not uncommon to use a
    brush to ‘spot clean’ the dirtiest parts of the truck,
    such as the grill or the stacks. Generally, the rest of the vehicle is still washed using the 1-Step process.
    Dynamite work best in hot water (110 F).


  • Proper dilution of detergents is essential for touchless cleaning.

2 Step Touchless Polish Safe

(Poly Alum + Power Blast)

  • The beauty of the 2-Step washing routine is that it
    requires much less physical labor, can be applied
    quickly, and actually neutralizes the truck’s surface —
    making it the best solution for removing road film.


  • Poly Alum (low pH/Acidic) neutralizes the negative
    charges in the road film and works best on oxidation
    and minerals.


  • Power Blast (high pH/Alkaline) will target
    the remaining positive charges and attacks the grease,
    oils, and other carbon-based grime on the surface.
  • Simply apply Step 1 to the surface of the vehicle, let it
    dwell for a short period of time, 30-60 seconds.

  • Apply Step 2 directly over Step 1, let it dwell for 30-60 seconds.

  • Rinse with water.

  • Step 1 – low pH acidic presoak

  • Step 2 – high pH alkaline soap

  • Rinse – High Pressure

2 Step Touchless Aggressive

(Super Alum + Dynamite)

This is the most aggressive of the touchless methods
and should only be used by professionals.

Note: Cleaning effectiveness is affected by: temperature,
concentration, dwell time, water hardness, and soap
application pressure.

Soap concentration may be adjusted
to compensate for changes in these conditions.

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