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Touchless Truck wash soap

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Dynamite Touchless

1 Step Touchless or 2nd Step of 2 Step Touchless Truck Washing (High Foam)

Poly Alum Brite

Aluminum Brightener (polished and non-Polished surfaces).

Power blast

1 Step Touchless or 2nd Step of 2 Step Touchless Truck Washing (Medium Foam)

Super Alum

Aluminum Brightener (for unpolished surfaces)

Canadian Chemical Manufacturer

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Welcome to SP Cleaning your trusted Canadian Truck wash soap supplier and manufacturer, offering top-tier brushless truck wash soap designed for unparalleled efficiency in maintaining any size fleet.

Our touchless truck washing soap systems are engineered with precision, utilizing special chemicals and a uniquely formulated cleaning solution to swiftly clean your trucks.

Key Features of Our Touchless Truck Wash Soap:

  • Efficient Fleet Maintenance: Our brushless truck wash soap is tailored to meet the needs of fleets of all sizes. Experience unmatched efficiency in keeping your trucks clean and presentable.
  • Touchless Technology: Harness the power of touchless cleaning with our specially formulated soap. Our advanced technology eliminates the need for manual brushing, providing a hassle-free and time-saving solution.
  • Safe and Effective Cleaning: Trust in a safe and effective alternative for truck cleaning. Our touchless soap is designed to remove dirt and grime swiftly, leaving your trucks spotless without compromising on safety.

You can use these Chemicals as

  • Truck Wash Soap:

  • Whether you’re cleaning delivery trucks, pickups, or your entire fleet, our Truck Wash Soap is your go-to solution. As a Canadian chemical manufacturer, we’ve crafted a strong and eco-friendly formula that works wonders on various types of trucks. Keep your vehicles looking sharp, no matter the size.

  • Commercial Truck Wash Soap:

  • Perfect for buses, big rigs, or any commercial vehicle, our Commercial Truck Wash Soap is up to the task. From city buses to long-haul trucks, our Canadian-made soap is tough on grime but gentle on surfaces. Trust our formula to maintain the professional appearance of your commercial fleet.

  • Touchless Truck Wash Soap:

  • Make truck cleaning a breeze with our Touchless Truck Wash Soap. Ideal for automated wash systems, our Canadian-developed soap ensures a spotless finish without manual scrubbing. Whether you have a single truck or a whole fleet, our touchless formula simplifies the cleaning process

  • Semi Truck Wash Soap:

  • Specifically designed for semi-trucks, our Semi Truck Wash Soap is a must-have for truckers. From cab to trailer, our Canadian-manufactured soap gets the job done efficiently. Keep your semi-trucks clean and road-ready with our powerful and eco-friendly solution.

  • Heavy Duty Truck Wash Soap:

    When it comes to heavy-duty vehicles, our Heavy Duty Truck Wash Soap is the answer. Whether you have construction trucks, dump trucks, or other heavy equipment, our Canadian-developed soap tackles the toughest jobs. Maintain the resilience and appearance of your heavy-duty fleet with our reliable formula.

If you want something specially made for your business, we can create a product just for you. We’ll adjust it to work perfectly on the surface where you want to use the chemicals.